Advisory Group

The advisory group has four core dimensions:

  • To provide strategic advice to AMOSS on the implementation, delivery and development of the Australasian Maternity Outcomes Surveillance System (AMOSS) as a national maternal research and surveillance system
  • To advise and assist with prioritising conditions to be investigated
  • To promote safety and quality in maternity care
  • To assist with the translation of findings from AMOSS into clinical practice where indicated

Roles of members

Chair: AMOSS Chief Investigator

Chief Investigator/s:

  • Represent the Project Board and maintain communication between the Project Board and the Advisory Group
  • Advise the group on AMOSS research governance and progress
  • Ensure that the project deliverables aligns with the project plan and original grant proposal

State representatives:

  • Represent AMOSS in jurisdictional department(s) of health or State-wide committees that examine maternal mortality & morbidity
  • Actively contribute to the development of AMOSS
  • Understand key health priorities within their respective jurisdictions

Professional College Representatives

  • Represent College & area of specialisation
  • Represent AMOSS within the respective College and update the College executive and members of the progress of AMOSS
  • Work in partnership with the AMOSS team to develop Continuous Professional Development (CPD) framework for clinicians participating in the AMOSS data collection

Department of Health and Ageing

  • To provide information on national health agendas and priorities with respect to maternal health
  • To provide information on national policy development in relation to maternal health

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

  • Provide advice on developing and maintaining long term ethical relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • Ensure research is relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander priorities, needs and aspirations

Maori and Pacific

  • To provide advice on developing and maintaining long term ethical relationships with Maori and Pacific Islander communities
  • To ensure research is relevant to Maori and Pacific Islander priorities, needs and aspirations

Risk manager

  • To provide input on risk management strategies
  • To provide advice on the utility of AMOSS for risk management
  • To assist with clinical solutions to identified problems

Public Health practitioner

  • To provide input relating to public health matters
  • To maintain communication with the public health community regarding maternal health

Maternity IT database expert

  • To provide expertise on the implementation and use of a maternity data system

State and Territory government

  • To provide input on processes and policies regarding data management at a jurisdictional level. To provide advice on how AMOSS can work collaboratively with these systems
  • To assist in communicating within and with other jurisdictions


  • Provide consumer input into all elements of the AMOSS project

Perinatal Epidemiologist

  • To provide technical advice on population-based epidemiological research

AMOSS project team:

  • Coordinate and administer the AMOSS project


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